Youtube Go beta app now available for android-Save Youtube videos for Offline viewing and Sharing

Last September Youtube announced regarding its Youtube Go app ,A YouTube app re-designed for the new generation of YouTube users,Finally today the beta version of the YouTube Go app is launched at the Playstore,this app offers a simplified version of YouTube with various language support like Hindi,English,Bengali,Marathi etc,Once you enter the app,you need to provide your mobile number and email,upon verification,you enter the app,the app has two only two tabs ,Home and Saved,making it easy and simple,once you click a video ,you directly get the option to save it offline.

You can also search for a video directly from the search option at the top right corner of the screen ,once a video is saved you can view it offline with any data connection,the send and receive option in the app lets you share the video(s) with nearby other YouTube go users,just like the ‘Shareit’ app.

Features of YouTube go:

  1. Preview and download YouTube videos for offline viewing,
  2. Choose save quality and resolution before saving a video,
  3. Send or receive offline videos from other YouTube Go app users Nearby,
  4. The home page of app offers latest and trending videos,you can also search for a video.

You can call youtube go app an easy and light weight version of the youtube app,this app makes saving and sharing youtube videos much more easy and user friendly with minimum data consumption,the normal YouTube app also lets us save videos offline,but it doesn’t offers the feature to share them with the nearby users,the current version of this app doesn’t offers saving videos in 720p,you can save in Normal or low quality as of now.

Download Youtube Go

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