Write review for a movie and get free 10 Rs recharge

Moviebob a website for the movie lovers that gives us reviews and ratings for the movies from various people around different cities,view discussions regarding a movie,share your views,join the community and meet the people with similar interests.

The website is offering free recharge for just giving your reviews regarding a movie

To get the offer follow the instructions stated below,only the First ten reviewers will be eligible for the rewards,currently there are many movies with no reviews like Badlapur Boys,Ungli,Happy Ending you can strike the opportunity by giving a review for them right now.


To get the offer just goto this link and select a movie rate and give the review,first 10 reviewers will get free 10 rs recharge,post writing the review you will get an email with confirmation link within 24 hours,reply to that email and send your details ,recharge will occur within 24 hours.

Make sure you write a good and genuine review and don’t reveal the full story,just give your views.

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