Whaff- Best money making app for android

Whaff is one of the best money making app for android we tried it out and it was great,you will get 0.01$/msg for just sending message to your facebook friends(1000 friends=10$)

In addition you will get free 0.01$ for just keeping this app on your phone ,and premium app will give you 0.30$ downloading it and free 0.05$ daily for just opening the app for 2 minutes

Making money here is really easy like them on facebook you’ll get 0.20$,google plus them for 0.10$,write a review on playstore for 0.10$,download some apps (Note:immediately open the apps after they get downloaded)

minimum payout is 10$ which is easily reachable

with this app you can easily make 1-10$ per day

download app

TIP:you can use a vpn(U.S.) to swap offers

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