Vodafone 100MB 3G Data happy hours2pm-4pm (get free gifts fromvodafone)

Vodafone 100MB 3G Data happy hours
2pm-4pm (get free gifts from

Follow These  Steps =
1.Dial *444*8# for active your sim card into 3G. then you will get 30MB 3G Data and credit your account 8 rupees.
( Dial One time ,your sim active 3G
lifetime. If you have already 3G sim
then ignore this step ) .

2. Dial *444*88# From Your Vodafone Sim .

3.If You Are Lucky,Then You Will Get 100 MB Data .

4.Some People Will Get
Call Rate Plan or 100MB data for 2
rupees. .

5. If You Got 100 MB
Data,Then Activate It Sending .

6. You Will Get 100 MB Free Data For 2PM-4PM .

7. This Trick Can Be Used
Daily,Just Follow The Above Steps
Everyday ( do not follow step 1 daily) .

8. Check Your Internet Balance By
Dialing *111*6*2# Note – the Internet
will not work in 0 rupees balance.
Enjoy Friends…


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