How to to view Hidden game/animation on your Android phone

Google has implemented a hidden animation inside your phone ,which you might not be familiar about,these can serve you with lots of entertainment ,even when your phone is blank ,Follow the procedure to view these hidden animations on your phone the procedure is same for different phones versions, we have enlisted below the steps for android 2.3,3.0,4.0,4.1-4.3,4.1and above ,4.4 and the latest android 5.0,You will definitely enjoy this.


1)Android 2.3:- “Zombie Androidpocalypse” are you scared ,hope you aren’t to access this masterpiece ,Goto settings > About phone scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap the android version twice.

2)Android 3.0:-“Tron: Legacy Bee”,to access this You need a tablet with android 3.0,Goto settings > about and a picture of bee saying “REZZZZZZZ” will take over your screen.

3)Android 4.0:-“Nyandroid”,To access the nyandroid pick up your smart phone or tablet with android 4.0 and goto settings > about and keep tapping on the android version repeatedly until Nyandroid appears,press and hold on the Nyandroid to interact with the animation.

4)Android 4.1-4.3:- Play the game “Jelly Bean Mini-Game”,To access it goto settings > about and keep tapping on the android version until the game begins,press and hold the jelly bean to interact with it.

5)Android 4.4 kitkat:-“KitKat Magic Tiles”,to begin the animation goto setting > about and keep tapping the android version,the new logo made with kitkat brand chocolate will appear,if you hold down on an image a large tile like windows phone will appear.

6)Android 5.0:-Play a game similar to Flappy bird ,just got settings > about and tap the android version several times,you will see a picture of lolli pop ,tapping it will change the colour,long pressing on the screen will take you to the game.

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