Useful Bing search tools-Check Internet speed,Generate QR code,Multiplication table Quiz & More

Previously we about about Useful Google search engine tools,that offered various tools from Google search engine,like Google Facts,Conversion tools and so on,Today with this post we are trying to Cover some of the useful tools from Bing search engine,These tools will offer various stuffs like Multiplication table learning & quiz ,where you need to fill up boxes with the correct table,the result is also shown once your submit,Showing the number of wrong and right answer along with your result pass or fail,Have a look at all these tools.

In order to Use these Tools users just need to head to the Bing website and type the word written in the search query ,submit and get the result,some tools work smoothly for the mobile users too ,have a look.

1)Test Internet speed-Now you can test your internet speed directly from bing on your PC or mobile ,no need to download any additional app,just type in the search query,you will have a speed test meter, click on the start test and your current internet speed will be measured and reflected.
Search query-speed test

2)Generate QR Code-Bing let’s us easily generate QR code for our texts,links etc,Just head to the site and type in the query as shown,you will have a text box,start typing in and get the QR code for the same,you can save the QR code and share it as image and share with anyone.
Search query-Generate qr code

3)Multiplication Table Learning & Quiz-The Multiplication table feature from Bing offers us a great opportunity to memorize and practice mathematical tables,you can learn tables upto 15×15 with this and also ,it offers table quiz where you need to fill up missing fields, your Score is shown as you submit.
Search query-multiplicationtable

4)Tune your Guitar-Tune your guitar feature from bing lets us easily tune our guitar,with this you can easily tune your guitar in different turnings,Choose from the drop-down various available options and set your tune according to the available choices and alternatives.
Search query-Guitar tuner

5)Solve Polynomial equation-Polynomial equation ,also called an algebraic equation,it simply refers to a polynomial that has been set to zero in the equation, You can easily solve a Polynomial equation from bing,just type in the search query and input the equation.
Search query-polynomial equation solver

6)Translate text-Perform translations easily and instantly from bing,Just type in the search query as shown below and start typing a text or sentence,the next box will show the translated version of the text ,you can change both input and output language from the dropdown.
Search query-type in hindi

7)Periodic table-Periodic table refers to a tabular arrangement of chemical elements in the order of their atomic number,and chemical properties,you can get this table from bing and perform searches for elements ,also filter the elements on the basis of their chemical ground and other properties.
Search query-periodic table

8)Solve Rubik’s Cube-Rubik’s cube is a 3-D puzzle game where you need to get all the blocks of the same color on each site,it seems easy but is quite difficult,The Rubik’s cube solution can be simplified using Bing,just type in the query and start solving your Rubik’s cube
Search query-rubik cube solver

9)Solar system-The Solar system widget from bing shown up the solar system,with all the planets,showing their rotation ,speed and duration of rotation,you can get more details about a particular planet can be explored by just Hovering your mouse on a particular planet.
Search query-solar system

These cool widgets from Bing definitely possess a great effort in simplifying our day to day problems relating to the fields listed above.

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