Use two different profile pictures for same facebook profile

You can use two different pictures as your facebook profile pic,here is a small tweak

You can see above the profile images and image beside status are different for the same person


    • Firstly goto your facebook profile time line and open profile picture album
    • Choose any picture you want to use as another profile picture and open it in new tab
    • Now copy the fb id of that picture the bold one is fb id shown below

    • Now hover your mouse over profile picture you will see edit profile picture click it and the click Edit Thumbnail
    • A popup will appear right click on image and click inspect element

  •  Scroll down till you find  <form action=””
  • A litte below you will see <input type=”hidden” autocomplete=”off” name=”photo_fbid” value=”491366447588908“>
  • Replace this id with the one you copied earlier
  • Finally click anywhere to close inspect element and save changes

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