Use mobile internet on your Aircel mobile and get free local calls.

Use 1 MB* or more Internet in a Day
Benefit Get 10 Local Minutes Free

This offer is only available for Aircel prepaid users in Punjab


Surf to Talk Free:-

Q1. Who will be eligible for the offer?
Ans:Customers who use 1 MB (or more) data at the base rate in a day (00hrs‐24:00 hrs). Usage done on PocketInternet Packs, Data bundled packs & rate cutters will not be accounted for in this usage.

Q2. Is the offer applicable for 2G, 3G or both?
Ans: It is applicable for both 2G and 3G. The total data usage will be taken into account.

Q3. What will I get on using 1 MB (or more) data/internet on base rate in a day?
Ans: You’ll receive 10 Local Mins Free (A‐A/A‐O) valid till midnight of next day.

Q4. When will I receive the free minutes?
Ans: You’ll receive the free minutes on the same day of data usage, valid till midnight of next day.

Q5. How will I know if I have consumed 1MB (or more) at base rate & that the free minutes are credited?
Ans: You’ll receive a notification alert telling you of the successful credit of free minutes in your account post usage of 1 MB (or more) data at base rate during the day.

Q6. What if I use more than 1 MB in multiple data sessions in a day?
Ans: You’ll get the offer only once a day after consuming 1 MB (or more) data at base rate.

Q7. Can I avail the offer again on another day?
Ans: Yes, you can avail the offer on any day that you consume 1 MB (or more) of data at base rate.

Q8. Will I also be eligible for the offer while roaming in India?
Ans. Yes, base rate data usage done on Aircel while roaming will be accounted.

Q9. What all can I do with 1 MB (or more) data on my mobile?
Ans: You can check emails, stream music, surf social media, download/upload photos and do much more with 1 MB (or more) data.

The approximate usage wise limit for each is as below:  Upto 1 MB

1 Email ‐ text only: 3 KB ‐ 20 KB 1 Email ‐ with photo attachment: 350 KB 1 Email ‐ with MS Office attachment: 300 KB 1 Web page: 150 KB ‐ 1.5 MB 1 minute of Streaming Music: 500 KB Social media update with photo: 500 KB Hi‐res digital photo upload/download: 1 MB  More ‐ ‐ 1 minute of streaming video: 2 MB ‐ 5 MB 1 app/game/song download: 3 MB ‐ 4 MB

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