Uninor offering Free Wikipedia to all users under its internet for all campaign

Uninor is providing absolutely free Wikipedia access to all its users,this will let them browse Wikipedia for free on there phones,this initiative internet for all aims to provide internet access to all people ,removing the obstacles for charges that people can’t afford.

Under this all the uninor internet users will be able to browse through Wikipedia website absolutely free without paying for any data charges,this will help all the users to gain knowledge and information free of cost,and also help to enhance internet reach to all users,helping them to gain knowledge from the best online information source,the main intention is to give free access to information for everyone in rural and urban areas,

“By giving free access to Wikipedia, Uninor will be able to put this repository of knowledge in the hands of the masses and empower the society. The partnership will unleash the true potential of the Internet by giving access to unlimited information to our Internet users.” -VivekSood, CEO, Telewings Communications Services Pvt Ltd, Uninor said in a statement.

Uninor staff will be promoting this offer with students and teachers,with this campaign uninor targets to have its 50% internet users by 2017,The free wikipedia will be available for a period of 3 months starting from 1st April 2015.

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