Ubisoft Giveaway- Grab your free copy of ‘Steep’ PC game

Steep will be free to download via Uplay between May 16 and May 21, giving players who don’t already own the PC version the chance to hit its open-world slopes at no cost, and experience what more than two years of updates and improvements have brought to its extreme winter-sports playground. Better still, Steep is yours to keep after the free period is over.

The giveaway comes on the heels of Season 6: Carve the Curve, which marks the beginning of a monthly schedule for new seasons. Season 6 also changes up Steep’s live events, adding new weekly challenges; shifting the Steep World Tour events to weekends and tweaking their difficulty; and introducing new season-long (read: monthly) challenges centered on specific areas of the game.

Steep is fun for solo exploration and challenges, but it’s even better with your friends. the synchronous PvP gameplay makes for some great competitive experiences – just try to not to collide into each other! One of the Yetis, ObZenDF recommends a more “explorer” approach to PvP multiplayer: “Pick a set of coordinates and just ride from start to end together. You could start at a specific landmark or set of coordinates, then make an endpoint and freely ride everything in between those two points. The player gains a certain familiarity with the map and massif, something you don’t get when just doing challenges or free riding randomly.” You can join their PvP multiplayer mode in the Mountain View, where the automatic matchmaking system will group you with up to three other players.

Steep is full of cool places for you to find while making your way down the mountains. These spots are fun to come across, and even more when you try to land a trick! Steeppeeps shared his impressive stunt in an abandoned complex he found in the Alps:If you’re more into wing suit runs, Steep’s subreddit moderator Vekst has the perfect location for you to hone your skills. According to him, Aiguille Du Gouter, a small peak of Mont Blanc, “has some small surprises in store for new riders.” With trees and rocks to look out for while gliding down, you’ll need to pay very close attention, making it a great place to improve your coordination,You can find this spot with the coords of 1889 N – 244 W. Practice getting close to the mountain to get the most points (and adrenaline rush),Steep’s map has plenty of cool spots for you to explore and where you can set new goals for yourself.

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