Turn your Mac Computer into a Gaming PC using the free GeForce now App

GeForce NOW for Mac beta is a new service from NVIDIA that connects you to a powerful GeForce GTX gaming PC in the cloud, turning your Mac into a powerful gaming rig, They’ve launched a free beta of this service, so you can try it out at no charge,The GeForce NOW beta app will require you to log in to Steam to install games included in the list of supported games, You must already own or purchase these games to play them.

Bring your favorite PC games to life at max settings, with smooth framerates—all powered by GeForce GTX GPUs in the cloud, All you need is a good Internet connection, and to be located in North America,Currently, the free beta is only available for Mac users,Join the  waitlist to be notified when GeForce NOW for Mac becomes available in new regions, and when the PC version is released.

As of now,The GeForce NOW for Mac beta is only available in the United States and Canada region,Visit the server status website for a list of available servers and their current status,Once you’ve installed a game onto your virtual GeForce NOW gaming PC, you can launch it by clicking on its icon in the GeForce NOW for Mac app, It will look and feel like you are launching the game on your Mac, when, in fact, GeForce NOW is launching it remotely on a PC in the cloud and streaming it back to your Mac.

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