Turn your Android mobile into a Wireless Flash drive using Pocketshare app

To transfer files between a Mobile phone and PC we generally need a USB data cable,which is required to be attached to our PC on one end as well as the mobile device to get the mobile storage as a drive on computer and carry out the transferring process,Thanks to this app by App cube that makes transferring process much easier for android phone users,Using the Pocket share app,The file sharing process occurs wirelessly over the Wifi network ,so no wires are required ,you can carry out the transferring process Wirelessly,easily and instantly.

Pocket share app lets us transfer files between PC and mobile Wirelessly,you can connect mobile and PC in two alternative ways,either using the IP address or by downloading the configuration files,The second method needs one time configuration and rest is all assured from next time,so here is the way to configure the app.

Steps to configure :-

–Download the app from Playstore and open it,Make sure both your PC as well as mobile device are connected With the same WiFi networks,

–You will see the sharing active option,now just head to Settings > Help,Scroll down and click the “Save configuration” option,

–Now head to Files section in the app and Send the configuration (.bat) file to your PC and open it,

–Open the file ,from PC and restart it,finally open My computer on your PC and perform transferring wirelessly.

To carry on the transferring process ,ensure that both your mobile and PC are connected over the same WiFi network,Post one time configuration,you can easily transfer files between PC and mobile wirelessly,over your Wifi network,you no longer need to attach any USB cables sync files between PC and Mobile,To transfer the files ,perform Drag and drop or just simply copy paste the files.


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