Turn Printed Photos to Digital images using Google Photoscan app

Now you can easily turn your printed photos to digital photos using the new Photoscan app by Google,This app let’s us scan photos in just a matter of moments,you do not need to click an image of a photo,To Simplify the process,you can simply use this app,This app performs auto adjustments for your pic ,it Optimizes the resulting image ,With automatic edge detection ,perspective correction and smart rotation,the photos are easily backed up to google photos,which will keep your photos safe and secure easily searchable with keywords,you can simply save the photos to gallery or share the link with friends.

This app is build to simply overcome the problem of poor image quality ,resulting from clicking a printed photograph ,The lightning needs to be appropriate, Cropping may not be proper,Camera flash may create a light stroke on the photo,All these factors may lead to a poor image quality, This small app by Google is a one stop solution for all these problems.
Photoscan app makes it all easy using the advanced algorithms,It clicks four images of the required photograph and then stitches all of them together to offer us a single composite image, Photoscan app also makes color adjustments in the photograph to ensure that resultant Colouring is proper it also ensures to fix the bent corners of the image.

Using this app is very simple ,just open the app,grant the camera access,and shows you to position the image within the frame,it will ask you to move the circle within the dots,once you are done ,you can crop ,rotate and make adjustments in the image,here below you can see how we converted an image printed on the newspaper,to a digital photo.

You can download Photoscan app for both android and iOS devices.

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