Tunnel Bear launches RememBear – A Password manager app for Mobile and PC

Tunnel bear has launched a new app for Mobile and PC,that lets us easily manage our password and other personal information,RememBear securely stores and remembers all of your strong passwords, with a Bear! RememBear stores your passwords and syncs them securely across all of your devices so you always have them at hand,RememBear also allows you to generate super strong random passwords that no one can ever guess.

RememBear encrypts your items using both your Master Password and a unique device key generated by the application, It stores your items, including passwords, in an encrypted file on your device and on their secure servers for sync and backup purposes, RememBear will only encrypt and decrypt the items on your physical device, This means that your passwords and other items are always encrypted during syncing and remain encrypted when in storage on their servers. You and ONLY you are ever able to access your items as long as you keep your master password private.

You can store your logins and credit card information securely in RememBear,Logins also have room for notes, which could include additional information about the login, like backup codes for the service or instructions for use,You can use RememBear for free. However, if you want to sync unlimited items on unlimited devices, securely backup your RememBear items, and have access to many other ‘paw’some features, we suggest upgrading to RememBear Premium.

Feature Free Premium (3$/Month)
Create and use unlimited passwords Securely
Usage on any device
Sync across all other devices
Automatic Backup
Priority Support

A free RememBear account allows you to securely create and store secure passwords on your device, RememBear Premium allows you to sync unlimited passwords across all of your devices, automatically backup your passwords to their secure servers and receive priority support,For the master password,You’ll need to think of something strong, but memorable, Your Master Password will be a big part of what protects all of your other passwords,It’s also the password you’ll be using to unlock RememBear on a daily basis,it is recommended that you use a strong password that you’ve never used before, It should include a few random words or characters (this will keep it memorable but strong). It should also be a minimum of 8 characters long and adding a number or two into the mix wouldn’t hurt,You could even include a special character just to keep things exciting!

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