Tsu a Social Network that shares 90% revenue with its users

Tsu believes that ownership should lie in the hands of the users ,users should be compensated for there likeness ,image and content ,its the right thing to do,you can use tsu as you normally use other social networks there is not much difference,Tsu shares the revenue wih you that comes from third party sponsorships and partnerships

Out of the revenues generated ,10% is kept for the site development and 45% is shared with the user,and the remaining 45% is distributed to the user’s network ,the family tree,new members can join TSU only by invitation From an exiting member

Revenue division:-

Example user a invites b, who invites c ,and who further invites d.

100$ is generated with the content of D,90$ will be shared with the users and 10% will be taken by tsu

users can transfer there funds to a bank account,request a cheque or donate in charities,once there amount reaches to 100$,you can withdraw your money from the bank link ,clicking on redeem my money.

To grow your network the users are not required to ask for followers,the following are generated on the basis of user’s own interests and trust,you are required to grow your audience with your unique and quality content,users who post inappropriate content and create a negative impact on the community will be banned,once you are banned you cannot restore your account,users can also transfer there money to other tsu users a 3% transaction fee is charged for peer to peer transfers,you cannot add money to your wallet using any cards and all ,the only way to increase your revenue is by sharing quality content or having friends transfer funds To your tsū bank.

To begin signup on tsu using the link below(you cannot signup without invitation)


complete your signup and confirm your email,and begin to add your network,redeem your earnings as they reach 100$ or above

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