Try our new android app Featuring Push notifications and other improvements

Introducing the third version of our android app,The new verified tricks app features Push notification ,this will lets our users enjoy the offers and updates without any chances of missing them,our android app will let you know via push notification as soon as an important offer releases at our site,you might have tried the seconds update of our app,the update added a flying bird at the load screen,faster speed and many other improvements,this version features push notification and a new display style for posts.

Features of our android app:-

1)Get notification for important updates:-Our android app will send you a notification for new and important posts,ensuring that you don’t miss any offer.

2)Fast speed:-This app is very fast,you can compare the speed simply by loading our site in your mobile browser and in app.

3)Great design:-The design of our android app will delight you up,enjoy the simplicity and easy browsing of all the offers.

Now just download or update our android app and try it out,we will send push notifications for all the important updates ensuring that our users don’t miss any offers and tips posted on our website,also don’t forget to review ad rate our new android app as per your experience,new app’s screen shots are uploaded at the Playstore.

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