Track the location of your car or bike with Careye app

Ever gave your car or bike to an unknown or untrusted person,which caused a lot tension ,No more worries now ,Presenting an app eyecare this app will let you have a peace of mind,while sharing your vehicle,The tracking technology is growing day by day,few years ago,tracking was at a very rough position,With the advancement of  technology and introduction if technologies like GPS it has been possible to pin point the exact location,

Car eye alarm gps tracker an app that let’s you track the location of car or bike using the GPS technology,you can track the location using the website or simple logging in to the app using another phone ,the location data will be updated every 10 seconds,to make this app work smoothly you must ensure that your phone is equipped with proper GPS and battery is charged
How go use :-
Download the app here
After downloading login or signup for your account then click ‘secure your car’ and place the phone inside the car ,you can track the location using another phone by installing this app and logging in or simply by logging in at

You must ensure that your phone is charged at the optimum level and is able to connect with the GPS,after you click secure button,you will see a confirmation popup in few minutes

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