Top Smartphones Battery Charge speed Comparison-One Plus 5T tops the Chart

We have a Lots of smartphones now days from many of the different brands and manufacturers from around the globe,all of them offering their best for the users,While purchasing a mobile handset we often consider various factors like,battery capacity,Phone price ,RAM etc,Thanks to a Study from “Tomsguidenow we can easily compare the battery charging duration for some of the top smartphones.

This test records the battery life of each phone after 30 min and 60 Minutes,The charging under the test was started from zero percent and the phone’s were switched on with lights off during the charging process.

The fastest charging Phone among others was One Plus 5T,It has a 3300 mAh battery,the battery charged upto 59% in just 30 Minutes and 93% in 60 Minutes,it was almost full in just 1 hour.

The LG V30 Phone was at the second place in the list the phone has same 3300 mAh battery as the One plus 5T phone,the battery of LG V30 charged to 53% in 30 minutes and 86% in 60 Minutes,The apple iPhone X is at the third place with 50% and 81% charging in 30 and 60 Minutes respectively,Refer the chart above for the charging percentage of each phone,With this chart users can now easily compare the battery charging speed of some of the top smartphones.

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