Tips to protect your eyes from computer syndrome

Here are few tips that will let your eyes remain healthy,if you spend more than 4 Hours on Computer/Mobile you must  follow these tips

1)Keep your screen clean:-Always keep your screeen clean and clear ,
From finger prints and dust ,take a minute from your daily schedule and clean your screen

2) Use proper lighting:-Use proper lightening ,Neither too dim nor too hight ,lightening should to as per the room condition

3) Use fonts easier to read :-Don’t use too small fonts that require concentration while reading ,use large fonts ,which can be easily read

4) Blink regularly:-While using computer you shouldn’t forget to blink your eyes every moment

5) Follow 20-20-20 Rule:-Follow 20-20-20 Rule ,Take a break after every 20 Minutes for 20 Seconds focusing on something 20 feets away from you

6) Green diet :-Eat green vegetables to keep your eyes healthly and fit ,Carrot is also very effective for eyes

Bonus tip :-
Use flux software to adjust the lighting of your pc

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