Tips to prevent heating of your Android phone

Enlisting some tips to overcome heating issues of your Android phones
1)Avoid Multi tasking:-You should avoid multi tasking on your Android phone like ,listing music ,browsing internet at the same time.

2)Continuous browsing :-If you are browsing internet continuously on your phone it can cause your phone to heat up,if you are using 3G more phone resources are required,so Make a small break in between

3)Old battery:-If your phone’s battery needs replacement,it may show heating signs ,if required replace it with a new one

4)Avoid playing games:-If you are playing heavy games ,it may cause your phone to heat up ,the game play May not even let you notice that

5)Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth:-Don’t forget to turn off WiFi or Bluetooth when not required,because they consume your phone’s resources unnecessarily

6)Background apps:-Close unnecessary apps running in background

7)Don’t use while charging:-Do not use your mobile phone while it is charging

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