Tips to free up space on your android phone

Free up more space on your android phone using these simple tips
Delete temporary data :-Delete up the temporary files on your Android
Using apps like
Avg cleaner (
Cc cleaner (

Delete old files :-Delete old files from your device
Do you really need all the images and videos stored on your phone
Take some time and filter them ,delete the unuseful once,
Sms & call logs also eat up space un necessarily easily clean them with tools like
History eraser (

Uninstall apps :-Uninstall the apps you no longer want to use ,there may be apps that you don’t use ,these apps comprise your Ram unnecessarily ,uninstalling them would be a wise decision

Consolidate home screen :-Remove apps from your home screen ,consider using only one or two screens ,after all if you use theee or four for app shortcuts,it may be very clumsy,as all apps are just a click away on menu

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