Tips to enhance the performance of your pc

Enlisting some tips to enhance the speed of your computer
1)Clean temporary files :-Goto run (win key+r) and type %temp% and hit enter ,delete all the files

2)Disable unnecessary services:-Disable un necessary services on start up
Goto Run (win key+r) and type msconfig ,and disable unnecessary services

3)Remove unnecessary programs:-Remove unnecessary and unused programs from pc ,either backup them on a pen drive or remove them directly,use “Revo uninstaller”
To uninstall a program completely

4)Use pen drive as ram :-You can utilize unnecessary space on your pen drive as ram ,
Goto my computer and right click on pen drive ,then click ready boost and allocate some space as ram

5)Clean disk and defragment it:-Clean up your disk and defragrament it to clean up unused space

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