Tips to Boostup your laggy Android phone

We have already told many of the singled out ways to speed up your Android phone ,today with this post we are bringing all of those together plus a few more others,check if you have already experimented these or not,and if not try them now ,all the tweaks are easily reversible

To enable developer option goto settings > about > and tap the “build number” 7 times

1)Goto settings and enable force GPU rendering,this off loads some of the CPU load to the graphic chip,this will enhance your phone’s performance ,but if you notice battery draining too fast,with this ,reverse it

2)Goto the developer option tap the window & transtition animation scale,on the animation duration scale choose the animation off option,this would remove animation from UI and make you feel faster

3)Next you could also switch the runtime from DALVIN to ART from the developer option

4)Put yourself in a habit to regularly backing up all the media files like what’s app images,videos etc on your phone to cloud services or any pen drive.

5)Goto settings > storage and see what’s eating the storage ,clean and uninstall unnecessary apps and games,also clear the cached data of apps & games to prevent.

6)If your phone has custom software instead of stock Android,then you can disable unwanted apps like soundhound from settings > app

7) If you use multiple google accounts ,then unckeck all the unnecessary activities in those accounts like sync etc

8) Use a light launcher like google now or apex of boost the performance

9)Move apps and games from the phone’s internal memory to your sd card.

10)Lastly Backup all your data completely&reset your phone if none of the above works

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