Tips to increase WiFi signal strength on Android phones

Since the introduction of WiFi ,Mobile data has gone out of scene ,people prefer using WiFi ,because of its multi dimensional features ,that let’s multiple users to use the internet at the same time,in respect of WiFi more signal means more speed and better conductivity.
Here are some of the tips you can experiment in order to boost the strength of WiFi on your mobile ,these tips can give you huge difference if used accurately.

1)Use the apps:-You can boost the signal using the apps on your phone ,one such app is WiFi Booster this app let’s you boost the signal strength using a graph that shows the area where you need to go to get more speed,you can boost the WiFi using the manual or automatic options within the app.

2)Update to latest radio:-Updating the radio not only brings improvements in features but also enhanced connectivity,the updates are provided officially,However if you are using a custom Rom manual updation will be required.

3)Tweak some basic settings:-There are some options in the advanced settings option of WiFi that enable better connectivity using more battery ,check them to improve the connection strength.

4)Use external equipments:-Using external equipments like WiFi repeaters can prove to be very helpful,these will feed the exiting network and create an additional location for you,The WiFi extender equipments must be used in an open area obstacles like walls,mirrors should be avoided.

Hope these tips will give you a heavy boost in speed and connectivity for your WiFi network

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