Tips to Boost up Internet speed on your Phone

To almost all the internet users speed and connectivity is one of the most crucial factor,Speed is really important because it determines the productivity as well as saves your time,Today we are here with some tips to enhance your internet connection speed,These tips and tricks will help you boosting your internet speed to some extent but the actual speed of your internet connection depends primarily on your ISP, if you are using a low bandwidth internet connection,you can choose to upgrade to experience a better speed,As a regular internet user you can practice these ways to boost up your internet speed on your mobile phone device.

For non rooted users:-

1) Change your DNS:-Get a DNS Changer app for your mobile and change your default DNS to the Google DNS,or open DNS ,if you want to do it without any additional app just change the DNS from the advanced option in wifi,but all android phones may not support this without an app so its better to use an app,Doing this can give a 6-7% boost to your speed.

2) Change IPv to 6:-Changing your IPV version to 6 can also help you in boosting up your internet connection speed,To do this Just head to settings on your phone,Click on networks,Mobile networks,Set network mode to LTE only and then click “Access point name” Click on the active access point and set the “APN Protocol” to IPv6,save the setting and restart your internet.

3) Uninstall Unnecessary apps:-
Keeping unnecessary apps on your device causes a lot of data loss ,since apps may consume data in background without your knowledge Leading to speed compromise, To tackle this What you can do is uninstall the un-necessary apps that you don’t use ,you can also create a back up of that app and store the apk in your SD card ,for future installation.

4) Use Google Chrome android app data saver feature:-Chrome data saver feature for android helps us reduce the data consumption on webpages,Using the data saver feature the requested data goes through the google servers which compresses the data before sending it to your device,To activate data saver on your phone,just head to Chrome browser >Settings > Advanced > Data saver.turn it on and Experience faster browsing with low data consumption.

5) Opera Max:-We have already posted about Opera max previously on our website ,Opera max help you boost your internet speed by using advanced algorithms for page compression and faster load,opera max offers its users a faster internet ,Opera max compresses photos,videos and text helping us to save money and data costs ,you can refer the Opera max article posted previously.

6) Disable the app(s) access to internet:-You can use apps such as ‘avast’ or ‘Droid wall’ to block the internet access for other apps installed on your phone using your internet data in background and utilize that speed for browsing,Applicable only for rooted phones,This will help you in reducing the speed wastage towards unused back ground tasks and help you in getting maximum speed,towards your current app.

Other tips:-

  • Never download the apps that claim to increase your speed because speed depends on your ISP and not the apps,
  • Do not clean your app cache,SInce app cache is the data that app downloads to provide us faster access to the app’s contents,
  • Use YouTube offline feature,to download the HD videos on your phone and view them without any load on data,
  • Changing the LTE Band is not recommended,Since operators already set it to the Optimum level,
  • To get more speed you can also combine multiple networks using apps like,”Speedify” and increase your speed.

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