The Latest Windows 10 Preview lets users connect android phone to PC

With the latest Build 16251, Microsoft is introducing the first set of features that enable “linking” your phone to your PC,This build’s scenario is focused on cross-device web-browsing,Support for iPhones is not yet available ,it is expected to arrive very soon,this amazing feature will helps users in getting the most of their PC ,and the convenience for mobile connectivity,lets expand this and learn further.

Microsoft has made it very simple for the users to connect their android phone to PC ,you can find the phone option under the settings head,from here users can link their phone to PC,in order to proceed ,Microsoft will send a confirmation text message to install a test application,once done ,the link between PC and phone will enable cross browsing.

After you’ve linked your phone, just go to your phone and start browsing the web,When you are at a website you want to view on your PC, simply invoke the native share experience on your phone and share the website to the “Continue on PC” option. You might need to click the “…” or more to add this test app to your share menu.

Once invoked, it will first ask you to sign in with your Microsoft Account,It is important you use the same account you are using on your PC,Next it will ask you if you want to “Continue now” or “Continue later”, If you choose “Continue now”, the website will magically open on the linked PC,If you choose to “Continue later”, the website will show up under Action Center for you to get to later when you’re ready. Try it out.

The latest update has now enabled the ability for the users to use Cortana to turn off, restart, lock, or sign-out of Windows using the following commands-
“Hey Cortana, restart PC.”,“Hey Cortana, turn off PC.”,“Hey Cortana, sign out.”,“Hey Cortana, lock PC.” and so on.

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