StarCraft game and its Brood war expansion are now completely free

Nearly after two decades of its release Starcraft is now now available free of cost for download,A few week ago this game costed around 10-15$,but in a recent announcement ‘Blizzard’ has made the starcraft game free along with the latest patch update and its brood war expansion,The game now features improved an compatibility,Anticheat system and fixed bugs ,So it a great opportunity for those who wanted to try out this amazing game ,now you can play it for free.

Download the game from the links below,along with making this game free ,blizzard has also added some of the new features in the game like ,Toggling b/w full screen and Window mode (Alt+enter),an observer mode,autosaves,improved UI and an added support for Windows 7,8 and 10.

Download links- [PC]  [MAC]

Blizzard has also announced an upcoming Starcraft remastered game ,an enhanced edition of the Starcraft game with 4k graphics,this one will not be free,The game features a new comic-style mission,cinematics and various other effects.

Have a look at the new upcoming Starcraft remastered game trailer.

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