Smash a new File sharing service offers Free File sharing without any Size limits

Smash is a new file transfer service designed with artists, designers and tech enthusiasts, it has no file size limits and replaces ads with fun creative projects,file sharing process becomes much more easier using smash as the files can be easily shared without having an account and also it offers no size limit restrictions for file sharing,just head to the website and drop your file ,you can also opt for a premium account for some additional features.

With Smash ,there’s no need to create an account – just drag and drop your files to get started, You can then create a unique download page with a custom logo, background image, and a creative project to display while the files download,Free users can pick from a selection of logos, backgrounds images and projects from a list curated by their studio, while premium account holders can add their own logo, backgroud image and videos from YouTube or Vimeo,You can send files via a web link (with a custom URL in the format, by email, or through Slack.

Smash also offers its users a premium account for just 5$ per month, which offers users some of the additional features like Files availability for up to 365 days,Priority transfers for files over 2 Gb,File transfer history,Reporting,Adding your own logo and background image to personalize your transfers.,Adding your own videos (YouTube or Vimeo) or photos, text, and call to action buttons to showcase your works, projects or products while people are downloading your files,Whereas the free users get basic features like Unlimited file transfers / Unlimited file size,Real time downloads tracking and File previews.

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