Search Find my phone on google to locate your Android device instantly

Previously google introduced a tool ‘Android device manager’ to help us locate the lost android device ,with this feature users can locate their device anytime,wipe it out,ring it and perform various other operations remotely ,but getting to this menu requires a lot of time and search it will be wise to do something as early as possible in case you lost your phone and you know it in few minutes,thankfully google has made it very easy and simple,just type three magical words in google search and you will find your missing handset.
To use this feature the users just need to goto google search and type there “find my phone” without quotes, as soon as you hit enter, a map will appear on the screen,showing you the current location of your device,you can also ring the device from here to locate it by hearing it,however this doesn’t let’s you lock your phone or erase the data ,you will require Android device manager or any other app for the same.

This tip will prove to be very helpful in case your phone gets stolen in a bus or any other public transport you can instantly make the phone ring out load and get its currently location on the map,however if you left your phone in a restaurant then you will need Android device manger or any other antiheft app to perform advanced security measures like locking,wiping etc and you don’t need to worry if your phone is on silent mode,this tools will make the silent phone also speak out loud,to stop the ring once you get your phone just press the power button on your phone.

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