Score 100+and get free 100 Rs recharge with Win drop Recharge Maker-Android Game

Play Windrop recharge maker and get free mobile recharge,from your Android,this game will give you free 25,50 and 100 Rs Mobile recharge

Make it sure that your internet connection is enabled before playing this game ,
This games has 3 levels

All the 3 levels have the same scenario,however you may experience speed difference while experimenting with the levels

Download the game here
You can get maximum 2 recharges per day per number
Easy=25 Rs
Medium=50 Rs
Hard=100 Rs

To get the recharge:-
Turn on internet and play the game,beat 100 and input your mobile details to get the recharge

Game Play:
You have a ball and number of poles with a little space in between,you need to tap on screen ,to move the ball upwards.
You neither have to be too fast or too slow

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