Say bye bye to your specks with glasses off app for android

Glasses off app is released today for Android ,which claims to get to rid of your spectacles


Over 90% success rate among
qualified users:
Practically anyone can use GlassesOff to improve near vision sharpness by improving the image processing function of the brain. Still, the brain’s ability to compensate for poor image quality captured by the eyes is not
infinite.As a result, some people will be able to completely eliminate their dependency on reading glasses by enhancing their brain’s image processing function, while others may eliminate this dependency only when reading short texts or in a well-lit environment.
GlassesOff begins with a patented
online vision evaluation that
determines your expected benefits.
Scientifically proven technology
delivered directly to your Android:
– An application based on extensive
scientific research, with
achievements in the remarkable field
of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability
to adapt).
– The effectiveness of GlassesOff was
examined in several studies,
including a highly successful study
conducted at the University of
California at Berkeley, USA.
– The scientific foundations of our
product were published in leading
scientific journals, such as Nature,
Science, PNAS, Vision Research,
Scientific Reports and others.
Intuitive user experience – Simple,
Easy & Accessible
– All you need to do is install the app
and complete a short online
evaluation that assesses the product
compatibility with your needs and
creates your personalized program.
– Just 12-15 minutes a day, 3 times a
week over a period of about 3 months
– that’s all it takes to improve your
near vision sharpness. Once the basic
personalized program has been
completed, we recommend using our
Ongoing Care program, usually
requiring only 1-2 sessions a month
for maintaining your improvement.
– Use the application wherever you
want, whenever you want.

Download here

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