Samsung launches a new Phone with no internet connectivity ,To help students study without distractions

Samsung has launched a new feature loaded phone that offers almost all the features of a smartphone ,but lacks internet connectivity ,this phone is basically targeted for students ,to help them focus on their studies,The phone is Samsung J2 pro ,it has all the features like calling,texting,camera,but lacks WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity,The phone is currently available in South korea ,Global release has not been announced yet,It also offers various tools for students like an offline dictionary,calculator to ease students in their studies.

The phone offers two cameras, both a front as well as a rear camera,The rear camera is 8 MP and the front is 5 MP respectively,Samsung J2 pro also features -FM radio,An offline English dictionary,a calculator as well as a calendar app,the phone has 1.4Ghz Quad core processor,with 1.5 GB of ram along with external storage card support,the phone comes in two variants ,black and Gold,the phone is priced for around 190$.

The phone although technically has an LTE modem ,but is disabled for any type of connectivity,Samsung is also running a promotion under this phone for the students taking the 2019-20 ‘suneung exam’,as a student completes the grueling test,they can trade in this phone for a Galaxy S,note or A series phone, released after 2018,with the reimbursed cost of J2 pro.

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