Saavn Freestream offering free internet data for all indian operators

Saavn is one of the oldest music streaming app that offers unlimited access to all the musics from bollywood,English,Hindi,and radio stations,the app offers creating playlist,using pre created playlists,top charts etc you can use the app for free ,the pro offers offers No ads,offline play,and 320 kbps audio,
Saavn has recently introduced Saavn freestream a beta program that offers free data to users which can be used for saavn or browsing any website/app.

About the program:-
Saavn free stream is a beta program and currently limited to users,of which all the seats have been already occupied,you can download the freestream app and wait for your turn.
Free stream program let’s users earn free data not only once but on a recurring basis,the free data gets re-credited every time a user consumes it with the Saavn app,this program is really very exciting because the users don’t need to install the saavn app for getting free 150 mb data for the first time,you get the data credited straight away without any questions.

This program is currently tested by saavn and is limited to users,for companies like saavn,gaana,wynk to pay for data charges will be much beneficial for the users,to make them enjoy the apps absolutely free,However it will be much hard for initial startups to adopt such programs because under this program saavn pays the operators for data consumed at normal rates(No special rates for bulk).

FreeStream is based on account re-crediting to the user for data they have used for Saavn streaming. Users are given a data pack anywhere between 100MB and 300MB, which they can use for any app on their phone. However, once they consume that amount of data using Saavn, we re-credit them with another (free) data pack. Basically, we’re picking up the cost of Saavn listener data to help get more people on the mobile Web, without sacrificing neutrality.

1)Saavn blog,
2)Saavn free stream app(Currently not offering free data)

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