Now Run Android apps on GNU/Linux OS using Anbox

There have been a lot of demands and requirements to run android apps across various platforms,Anbox is an amazing tool that’s lets us run android apps on GNU/Linus OS,It lets us run android apps without any emulation or requirements for any special application,Google has already launched an android app running platform on its chrome OS natively and completely integrated.

With the arrival of the Anbox linux os is now also covered with android app running capabilities,This project was started by Simon Fels from 2015,bringing up the joy of android on the Linux os,anbox is in its very early stage as of now ,but has already fulfilled its purpose of running the apps.

Anbox is in continuous development,getting more stable and simpler,it will be integrated with Ubuntu too,with this it will be much simpler to run various platform applications on different OS,without any complications,have a look at this video showing off the capabilities of this anbox

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