Rovio releases its new game ‘Angry Birds Dream Blast’ for Android and iOS worldwide

Angry Birds Dream Blast is an objective based puzzle game, The game is physics-based, which means that bubbles and objects will fall from the top of the level to the bottom, Each level has different objectives, which can be collecting a certain number of bubbles, guiding an egg to the bottom of the level, popping balloon pigs, and more! Match together and tap bubbles with the same color to clear them. Matching together four or more bubbles will create an explosive booster, and combining boosters together will result in even bigger blasts!

You have a limited number of moves to complete each level, If you fail to complete a level by running out of moves, you will lose a life. You have five lives total, and when you reach zero lives, you’ll need to wait for your lives to recharge, or buy more lives with gold coins,As you play through levels, you will come across different blocks that may impede your progress, or be part of a level objective. Knowing how to get past these different blocks will be the key to success!

  • Glass blocks are fragile, and can be broken by matching an adjacent set of bubbles, as well as by boosters and power-ups.
  • Stone blocks are tougher, and can only be removed by using boosters or power-ups.
  • Jelly blocks can be removed by tapping an adjacent set of bubbles, but only if the bubbles are the same color as the jelly. Otherwise, use boosters or power-ups.

Eggs are a level objective, They must be guided to the bottom of the level to be collected, Clear bubbles and obstacles out of the way so the egg can safely make it to the ground at the bottom! Pig balloons are one of the possible level objectives. They are only affected by boosters and power-ups. When hit, a large pig will split into two medium pigs that will take the place of two random bubbles. Similarly, when a medium pig is hit, it will split into two small pigs. Finally hitting the small pigs will pop them. Each time you hit a pig, it counts towards the level objective.

Download this game from the link(s) below as per your Phone’s respective operating system.

Android iOS

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