Rent your Computer’s Graphics card for mining and Earn free Games with ‘Games from Space’

Games From Space is a new tool which uses the power of your GPU (Graphics Processor) to find crypto-currency coins,These are in turn used to buy your favorite games, To do so the hardware solves complex mathematical equations to support the underlying blockchain system, This is called mining,The better your GPU, the faster you’ll get your game,The Whole process consists of Three simple phrases,You Select a game from the available list of Games,Then track the live progess of the game you are about to earn and finally get the code redeemable at Steam,Origin etc.

The amount of time you need to wait for a game depends on the game you want to have and also on the GPU model you have, Generally, older games might be available within a week, a brand new triple-A title would take about month,Games from Space has many special deals that will in turn reduce how long you need to wait for your pod to arrive, To get a good estimate you can go to the “Games” section in the app while your engine is running, Next to each game you will get a rough estimate of the waiting times.

You should also keep your GPU drivers up to date, as they should have better performance while gaming and also while using Games from Space,In order to use ‘Games from space‘ ,users need to have a GPU with atleast 4 GB of memory,you can begin by simply heading over to Games from space from the link above and downloading their software on your PC,The process is not directly free as it will use your GPU for mining ,which will in turn increase your computer’s power consumption ,having direct impact on your Electricity bill.

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