Recover deleted messages from whatsapp

Want to recover your deleted whatsapp messages,follow instructions below

Things you need :-
1.Whatsapp extract

2.Active python

3.whatsapp data base files from phone’s memory card
Following path
SD card/whatsapp/Databases/


1.Firstly copy paste whatsapp data files from following path
SD card/whatsapp/Databases/
To your pc

2.Now extract whatsapp to a particular folder on your pc copy all the data files you extracted from memory card in step 1 to the same folder mentioned in step 2

4.Now install and run pyCrypto.bat.

5.Finally run whatsapp_xtract_android.bat

6.Drag all data bases one by one to whatsapp_xtract_drag’n’drop_

7.Once you complete above steps you can view chats in browser

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