Recmaster Screen recorder software for PC- Review

Looking for an efficient screen recording software for your PC ? Introducing ‘Recmaster’ a screen recording software built to evolve the screen recording feature for your PC. Recmaster software offers a very simple an easy to use interface, users can record full screen video or just a portion of screen video using this software tool, their are no limits of recording time for the licensed users, in addition to the screen video recording ,you can also record ‘only audio’ on your PC and save it as an MP3 or WAV file. Lets have a quick look at the recmaster’s core functionalities.

RecMaster One-click Made Screen Recording Simple, Built with five screen recording modes, RecMaster will offer you the easiest and most efficient way to record your computer screen. Just one click from RecMaster, enjoy every moment and details from your computer screen,RecMaster comes with powerful features, like HD recording, up to 4K recording, auto-start recording, picture in picture, schedule recording, etc. Recmaster aims to offer you an amazing experience for screen video recording.

Recording videos

Recmaster offers a simple and easy to use video recording experience, you can perform video recording as well as simple editing using the built in software tools. Lets highlight some of the best available features.

  • Recmaster offers 5 smooth recording modes :- Game recording, Full screen recording, Custom area recording, Web cam recording and audio only recording.
  • Record videos in MP4,FLV or AVI format ,with options to alter the quality to standard, high or original. The quality of video is directly proportional to the storage size of the video. For Audio- Mp3,Wav.
  • Add your own custom image or text watermark for the resultant video productions,
  • Video recording can be simply initiated using the software’s inbuilt interface, Just select the recording type and configure the pre-assigned options,
  • Alternatively user can also assign shortcut/hot keys to begin and stop video recording ,in order to keep the screen view unaffected.
  • Recmaster also offers simple video editing tools, which will let you easily trim or merge videos upon successful recording.


Recmaster offers three plans for users. You can either opt-in for a trial plan which offers a free to try scenario. An yearly plan ,which requires recurring payment, every year. A lifetime plan which requires one time payment for a lifetime recmaster pro license. you can select the best one as per your needs.

  • Recmaster offers a free trial version which has a limit on video recording of 2 Minutes,with no access to the editing tools or tech support.
  • The second plan offers an yearly license which is priced for 19.95 USD/year ,this license needs to be renewed every year. The yearly license is applicable only for a single PC.
  • Under the third plan, Recmaster offers lifetime license for 29.95 USD, which is payable only one time ,after the purchase of a lifetime license ,you can install and use the full version recmaster on upto two PCs.

Built with annotations and editing tools, RecMaster allows you to annotate when recording or edit your video when finished. You can also add a custom watermark (both text and Image supported) easily. Make sure your recording video will be perfect and instructive to your viewer, You can choose different movement effects or colors for the cursor. You can also set a click sound or different colors for right and left click. Thus, it offers your viewer a more effective guideline.

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