Provide Traffic alerts,Drive car,Invite friends and get free recharge from Mastgo app

Mastgo a new app that provides us free mobile recharge for just Adding up the traffic updates and referring friends to the app,This app aims to make our everyday life easier,convenient and safer,Providing us the convince for in hand voice updates,also letting us sharing and getting the updates easily with/from the fellow users,This app also provides the users free Mobile recharges for just using it and adding alerts in the app or referring friends,Once you enter the app,you will see a map,and options to Add update,Hazard, or Alert,you can add the alerts like Men at work,Breakdown,Water etc,hazards like loose wires,deep pit etc,and updates like traffic slow or fast and so on.

Mastgo app features:-

1)Get alerts as well as share info for road,making the drive easy,
2)No need to look at your device again and again with proximity voice alerts,get alerts on voice,
3)Easily share your info from traffic with the fellow users,
4)Get rewards points for just sharing alerts,
5)Easily add alerts,select the category,choose the option and done.

Steps to use the app and get free recharge:

To Begin just download this app from the Playstore,after downloading it,open your GPS and skip the referral,Input your city,accept the terms and click on the save button,Then click Menu > Reward points and choose signup,provide your name,username,email,password and click register.
Once successfully registered goto Menu > reward points to view the chart for the earnings,Click Recharge points or Coupon points to view or redeem the points for recharge and coupon respectivey, and Menu > invite friends to refer friends,also don’t forget to click ‘Masti drive’ while driving to earn for every KM,you drive.
imageYou will also get 50 coupon points for signup,now just download the app and start using it,make your journey much more safer and easy, collect the points and redeem them for free mobile recharge and other offers.

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