Pre register for ‘Rebirth King’ an upcoming Idol RPG Mobile game & Avail Special in Game rewards

Rebirth king is an Indian Idle RPG Game – Unleash the Wrath of Indian Gods on Fierce Demons,Lead an army of your beloved Indian Gods in ever-unfolding wars against fiercest of demons mankind has seen, From Kali to Shiva to Ganesha to Hanuman, feel free to choose any one or more gods and use their skills and weapons, and your strategic skills, to defeat waves after waves of ungodly demons, goblins and dungeon bosses. Write your own mythological battle lore.

The Game offers various addictive features like Never ending levels,endless battles ,Gifts and treasures and so on ,lets have a look at all best features of the Rebirth King game one by one:-

  • Endless Battle and Stages-Never-ending Wars– Enjoy unending battles with 10,000+ levels and automatic easy growth of your heroes, made possible by Idle RPG technology. Are your Gods ready for fighting?
  • Mythological Heroes & Evolution-Use your intellect and the might of Hanuman, Ganesha, Kali or any other Indian god you choose to keep slaying demons – and in turn, increase your character’s might by evolving and with the help of relics, Weapons and symbols.
  • Find Gifts & Trasures-Defeat the dungeon bosses and earn hundreds of relics and symbols to make your characters stronger.

Pre-register now to get special rewards!! Users can pre-register by providing their Mobile number from the link below,Upon OTP Verification users will be eligible for Pre-registration Rewards, Users who perform the pre-registartion process will get special rewards, including Bundle of Gems, Hero Tickets, and Access to an Indian Character – Lord Hanuman,The reward coupon will be sent to users mobile number through SMS.

Level Total Registrations Rewards
1 3,000 PRE-REGISTRATIONS 1,000 Gems + 10 Hero Exchange Tokens
2 10,000 PRE-REGISTRATIONS 2,000 Gems + 20 Hero Exchange Tokens
3 30,000 PRE-REGISTRATIONS 3,000 Gems + 30 Hero Exchange Tokens
4 50,000 PRE-REGISTRATIONS Hanuman Character Unlocked+ 50 Hero Exchange Tokens

Rewards will be unlocked to all pre-registered players, as the game hits community pre-registration goals, Players will receive a Special Coupon code to the mobile number which was used for pre-registration and players can use the code in the game to redeem the rewards once the game is live.

Pre Register

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