Post a message on all facebook friend’s wall and inbox at a click

Due to new facebook newsfeed algorithm only 10%-30% of your friends reach your post,depending on factors such as how much you interact with them,mutual friends, and various other factors, tagging as an option is also limited to number of peoples

Trendify a Chrome extension that lets your message go viral ,by posting it on all or selected number of friend’s wall and inboxing them

The process is simple :-

Firstly make sure you are using chrome as your browser

    • Then Goto Trendifythis/
    • Allow the app to access your facebook profile and
    • install the chrome extention when prompted,after the extention is installed
    • trendify site will redirect you to the main page,here
    • add campaigns,and add the message and link, then select the number of friends by dragging the slider,you can see the estimated time required for execution,when done

    • hit continue ,and click start button,finally wait till it posts



This will post slowly so that Facebook doesn’t flag you as a spammer

You can pause and resume as per your needs-Logout and relogin if you want to do so

This tool is absolutely free

This tool also has an analytics options that lets you know how many friends have clicked your link


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