Play Youtube Videos in Background on Android and iOS devices using this simple trick

Youtube ranks amongst one of the most used web service ,It features a great collection of Multimedia content,Using the latest features in the Youtube app users can also save videos for Offline viewing ,which helps us saving our data cost ,for video buffer,once a video is saved offline,users can view it any time on their device without an active data connection,However one small problem that mobile users may face is background play,as soon as you press the home key or turn off the screen lights,the video playback pauses and stops,this may cause a bit inconvenience in case you just want to enjoy only the audio content,while multitasking on your phone or just turning off the screen.

Here is a simple solution for Both android and iOS users which will let you enjoy YouTube videos in background,using this small trick users can enjoy youtube in background.

For Android users:-

Talking about the android users,you can enjoy background video playback,using Mozilla Firefox browser,Now most of the users may prefer Google chrome,but chrome won’t work for this,So Just download the Mozilla Firefox browser,upon installing the app,open YouTube from the browser,play a video,song and press the Home key,The audio will keep on playing,irrespective of other tasks even when the phone lights go off.

For iOS users:-

iOS users can also enjoy background YouTube ,The best part for iOS users is that they don’t even need to install any browser,just head to the Safari browser on your mobile phone,start playing a video,and press the home button,video will stop,Now you just need to swipe up from the bottom of screen,to the open control center,look for ‘Music playback controls’,and hit play button on the screen.

Now with this small and simple trick,you can enjoy the YouTube videos in background even when the screen is turned off.


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