Now Play your Favorite PC games on Android,iPhone or Windows Phone using Remotr app

Introducing Remotr a free streaming app that lets you play your favorite PC game on your mobile or tablet,Remotr streams your PC games from the remotr server app installed on your computer on your mobile device ,letting your control the games directly from your mobile,apart from all these advantages Remotr work smoothly with a normal speed WiFi connection,you don’t need a very high speed WIFi,WIth Remotr ,users can play games using the touch screen controls on their phone withot the need to use any additional game pads,follow the steps below to quickly setup remotr.

In order to Setup the remotr app,Firstly download the remotr app on your mobile device and then download it on your PC from ,The program once installed on your PC automatically detects all your stream ,origin and other platform games,you can also use touch screen presets for the game to experience a taste difference.

  1. Download Remotr Streamer client on your PC and App for Mobile from This link,and install them,
  2. Upon installation Open the Remotr app and click on the signup link,input the fields and submit the signup details,
  3. The app will now show up a list of available games on your PC,
  4. Next comes the mobile part,open remotr app on your mobile and login with the same id,
  5. The games will now show up on your mobile,
  6. Click on any of the game listed in order to start it.

Once the game starts on mobile,you can toggle controls pressing the back button on your mobile phone,this app works on Android 4.1 and above,iOS 8.0 r newer,and Windows 10 Phones,on PC,the program supports Windows 7,8 and 10,Both PC and mobile must Connected on the same Wifi network in order to stream the games,Happy gaming.

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