Play snake game while a video buffers on youtube

Getting bored with video buffering on youtube ,this small trick will let you convert the buffering  of video into a snake game,this trick will be very helpful for Slow speed internet users ,who need to wait a considerable amount of time for video to complete its buffer

Youtube is the most popular site to view any video from around the world,just enter the youtube website and you can search the videos with the subject line,
The most frustrating problem occurs when video is bufffering very slowly,causing them to lag ,this is the perfect solution for all ,who have any sort of problem with the videro buffer on youtube


To convert the buffering into a snake game just goto and click on any video while the video is buffering just click the up arrow from your key board ,the game will begin

Done now,whenever you get bored looking at the buffer just press the up arrow and enjoy the game ,this game will auto stop you hit the snake to wall,it is the traditional snake game where you need to control your snake and eat the food ,avoid the snake from hitting the corners,to play the game you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard ;left,right,down,and up to move your snake in the specified direction,the video will remain paused will the game play ,and will buffer continuously,to watch your video hit the snake to the wall

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