Play Prank on Kids with the Ghost call app for android

Want to stop kids fighting,or appreciate them for a good job ghost app is the perfect app for you,with this app you can tell the kids to  eat food or clean they room,kids may not listen to their moms because they may be habitual for it ,this is a very friendly app and it won’t frighten them but instead tell them what they should do.
Download the app ,no signup needed to use this app,
How to use:-
Open it and you will find 2 options,Get a call and record,from get a call you can access the pre defined templates and voices ,and use them and from the record menu you can select a character and assign a voice to them.
This app offers following characters/templates
Free :-
1)To get kids listen to you -Red demon,
2)For kids who cleaned their room-Cat
3)To stop kids fighting-Alien
4)For kids who behaved good-Ninja
1)To get kids stop crying-Baby
2)To get kids to bed early-Princess
3)To get kids finish their meals-Zombie
4)To get kids take a bath-Wolf man
5)To get kids brush teeth-Witch
6)For kids acting up before sleeping -Dracula
7)Call from Santa Claus-Santa Claus
8)For picky earters fairy
To use just click Get a call and select a character/template, finally click the phone button ,you will receive a call answer it to listen to the character.

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