Paytm trick to transfer less than 100₹ to your Bank account

As we already know about Paytm, we can earn cashback on recharges,bill payments and other transactions as per the ongoing offers at paytm,Using various coupon and promo codes which is transferable to bank, at paytm users can perform recharges,pay bills ,book flight ,movie tickets ,shop online and perform various other transactions online,Paytm has recently also launched the paytm mall app which makes shopping on mobile very easy and convenient.

If you would like to try out the Paytm mall app download it from the Playstore and get 25₹ cashback on your first 100₹ recharge using the coupon MALL25.

Transferring less than 100₹ to bank account

Now as we already know that In order to transfer an amount to bank from paytm ,you must transfer a minimum of 100₹ ,but what if you have 10 ₹ or 50₹ in your paytm wallet and still you want to withdraw money to your bank account here is a simple trick that will let you transfer any amount to your bank account.

  1. Login to Paytm app on your Mobile (Transferring to bank facility only available at Paytm app),
  2. Upon successful login You need to balance the amount in your Paytm wallet in order to transfer,
  3. For example if you have 50 add 50 more to wallet ,from your debit card or any other payment mode,if you have 20₹ in paytm wallet add 80₹ more, (add 3 or 4 extra to cover the transaction cost).
  4. Now once you have made it 100,just transfer the amount to your bank account from paytm app,
  5. To send Click Wallet > Send > Bank account and transfer the added amount and cashback amount to your bank account.

Now with this simple trick users can transfer the cashback received from paytm directly to their bank account no matter if you get 1 ₹ or 100 ₹ as cashback,in the image below you can see ,the user got 50₹ cashback on a recharge and then added 55₹ more to make the wallet 100+,finally 104 ₹ were transferred to bank which included both 50₹ cashback and 55 added by user,you are only charged 2 or 3₹ transaction charges for transferring.

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