How to Optimize your Photos for facebook

Want to retain the quality of images to its maximum while uploading on Facebook? Facebook’s compression system does not have the ability to resize the image and maintain their detail and sharpness,which can leave us quite frustrated due to the lost originality of the image,Hence resizing the images manually before uploading them can get us a more pleasing result.

To do this:-

  • Open the image to be uploaded with Photoshop(Latest version) and resize the longest side to make it 960 Pixels wide,’Bicubic shaper’ can be used to resize the image in order to get the best possible sharpness while resizing an image,
  • The photo can be further sharpened further by using a filter option ‘Unsharp mask’,if the image has various layers ,flatten it creating a new top layer(Shift+Alt+E+Cmd),make the setting of filter with radius 2.0 and threshold 0 level,
  • Finally save thew optimized image to get maximum quality and small size,save for web would be a very good option,To save for web just press (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S),Set 100% For JPEG setting and 100% for quality.

Choosing high resolution in Facebook’s new uploader will get you better results,and make sure you have converted Adobe RGB profile to sRGB profile.
You can also use this free Facebook photo optimizer script for Photoshop ,that lets you optimize image for best look on Facebook.

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