Opera Mini Secret Codes Collection

Opera mini is one of the Best browser for mobile users,This browser let’s you browse websites fast and it also compresses the page to save your browsing data ,But you may not be knowing that you can even perform some advanced functions with the same browser

These secret codes need to be typed in the url field and opened like a website to use them,Most of them are meant for smart phones,but others can too try them.

1)server:source-This let’s you view the source code of any currently opened website,the code you see after opening this is the HTML code of the website.
2)opera:config-Configure options such as pageload time out ,minimum phone number length etc configure these options as per your convenience
3)opera:about-Get insights into your browse like build number ,version and user agent.
4)server:setup-Check if your internet is working properly or not.
5)opera:cache-Get a list of cached web pages on your browser.
6)debug:-This returns technical details of your browser like your network operator,cookie size ,age and last save
7)tel:number-Make calls from browser without minimizing it type in url wtai://wp/mc;89603725xx
The mobile number like this.
8)server:reset and server:refresh-Server reset let’s you delete the cookies and other saved data ,and the refresh let’s you reload the currently opened page.
9)odp:showuptodate-This code returns you a refreshed home screen.
10)JavaScript: and opera:fps-The first code executes java scripts and the other one shows frames on the webpage.

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