Nvidia’s GeForce now free beta is now available for Windows PC users

GeForce now is an online game streaming service from Nvidia,GeForce NOW turns your Mac,Windows PC, or low-performance PC, into a powerful gaming rig, Simply download and install the GeForce NOW app to connect to their gaming machines over the internet, Now you can play the latest PC games with high performance on any Mac or PC,Enjoy your favorite PC games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fornite, Injustice 2 and over 150 top titles at max settings, With new games getting added all the time.

You can play each game for up to four hours at a time,After fours hours, you can start a new session,This is to ensure equal access to the servers for all users during the free beta,To play games on GeForce NOW, you must own, or purchase, them in your Steam or Uplay account before playing them on the GeForce NOW, Or you can select from the growing list of Free-to-Play games, GeForce NOW for Mac and PC gives you instant access to a powerful virtual gaming PC to play your games with amazing visual quality, on machines that otherwise would not be able to run them.

Tap into incredible PC gaming from your Mac and Windows PC and play at high resolutions and smooth frame rates, Just select games from your personal library of PC titles or purchase new ones from the digital store of your choice, like Steam and Uplay PC,Log in and instantly play the biggest games, with new titles being added to the service continuously.

The beta program is currently available for North America and Europe regions,Experience GeForce NOW for macOS and Windows PC for free during the beta period, All you need is a good Internet connection and to live in North America or Europe, Request your access to the free beta program from the link below.

Request beta access

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