Now use Facebook messenger on web without any installations

Facebook messenger is a chat app for Facebook that let’s us chat with our friends without any distractions from news feeds,status etc ,you might be using the same on your phones,but recently Facebook has unveiled a web version of messenger that let’s us chat with our friends without any distractions even when we are not active on mobile’s messenger,you can experience the same on your pc.
Using the web messenger users can make the calls,video calls share text ,smileys ,stickers and everything else,messenger currently supports English language and will add the support for other languages too in coming days.

To begin using the Facebook messenger web app,goto this link and login using your Facebook profile or just confirm your account if you are already logged in,next follow the instructions and you will get the messenger’s window as following,

Interact with it to send the messages to your friends,chat,send photos,stickers ,make calls etc just like you used to do on your mobile phones,search directly for friends to chat with or view and continue your old chats from the screen.
One of the main reason facebook stepped for messenger to is enable the developers show off their talents in a separate platform,facebook has already launched this app for mobile platforms many years ago,this will provide an easy to fast access to facebook messenger for the frequent users who might face the problem in keeping the battery charged for there phone,this would serve as an alternative way to use the messenger app,it is fast,easy and consumes low data,so no issue for internet speed,give it a try,you will definitely like it.

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